Library of Lights

I love to read! Books have always been a source of escapism, and that is probably another reason why I loved English at school and continued to study it into A-Level.

As we find ourselves in a world with more and more traditional sources of information being replaced with their digital counterparts, saving the book, CD, VHS (remember those?) has become a sentimental and personal war for many.

Technology will continue to advance and bring us new experiences and produce new habits and lifestyles, but keeping what's beautiful of the good old days has inspired a new lamp... Here is a sneak peek of the first prototype:


The idea being that the lamp is in the form of a stack of books, the spines are illuminated and can- like all KDEVISION products be personalised. An ideal gift for young and old, with various languages and media types (music, video games, DVDs) the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully in the future as the product continues to develop, publishers can be persuaded into licensing KDEVISION to use more well known titles so that everyone can have their favourite book as a functional, artistic reminder of good times in the form of these lamps.

So far feedback has been great! Leave comments below on your favourite reads and maybe you'll see it used in a KDEVISION lamp very soon!