Laser cut Love

KDEVISION's first wedding project was a Pale and Interesting affair! Thanks to the ever style concious couple {Marvin and Ladan Hong} the vision they had for their country wedding made us misty-eyed with love.

With the beautiful Foster House nestled in the English countryside as their location of choice, the task to deliver a wedding to match the stunning backdrop had begun.

The list of items to make and requests grew longer and longer but it was such an enjoyable experience and lots of new designs were generated in the process. Being inspired, challenged and believed in make the perfect mix for a surge in creativity. After hours spent on Pinterest drooling over fairy tale wedding photos and decor; production finally began!

Here are the final photos of the finished decor...

We're sure you'll agree that the wedding looked stunning! The couple were picture perfect, and KDEVISION are proud to have bought the bride's vision to life on her special day. For more photos click here. 

KDEVISION LM Wedding field.jpg